Celebrating The 75th Birthday Of Curious George!

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Maize – O – Poly

Everyone’s favorite family game.  Maize-O-Poly comes to life at Happy Day Farm as you and your family navigate your way through our 10 Acre Corn Maze in search of each square on your Maize-O-Poly game board.  Earn the most $ and become “Farmer of the Ear”

Corn Text

Have a blast texting our intelligent question master as he texts you back with questions related to our corn maze! Answer them correctly, and he will text you back with a hint on which way to turn!


Lost? Scan the special code you find on the nearest post and Happy Day Farm’s personal satellite will send you a picture of where you are in the maze from the sky.

What Should I Wear?

Since you will encounter uneven terrain while at Happy Day Farm, we suggest you wear comfortable, closed, soled shoes.  Sneakers or work boots are ideal. Open Toe and High Heel shoes are not appropriate.