Thousands of children will be getting lost in the “History of New Jersey” …but this is one occasion when worried moms won’t need to call out the search parties. In a field trip experience unlike any other, all elementary schools have been invited to experience hands-on learning about agriculture, and math when they attempt to find their way through the thirteen-acre corn maze in Manalapan. Happy Day Farm, the highly successful corn maze attraction that drew a crowd of more than 10,000 in its debut season, has returned with a few new twists and turns. Owners Tim and Olivia Stockel have invited elementary students to tour the human puzzle… and learn a little while they are at it. Students will spend approximately 45 minutes to an hour winding their way through a self-guided tour of our celebration to Rutgers University 250th Anniversary corn maze. Along their journey, students will use a “Monopoly” style board that contains agricultural symbols with a monetary value attached to each symbol. If they can navigate the maze correctly, their game pieces and “money” will increase as they make their way to the exit. Upon exiting the maze, the students will add up all of their “money” and compare their final value to our key, deeming their level of “farmer”. Hopefully, they avoid bankruptcy and become Farmer of the EAR! In addition to learning about agriculture, students will also stumble across educational plaques that contain interesting facts about farming and agriculture within the maze. After the corn maze, we invite all students to explore our fair grounds which includes, agri – tourism based activities such as a corn stalk tunnel, a tire mountain, pig races, tractor pedal carts, and more. After the fairgrounds and a short hayride, the students will visit Timmy Town Zoo and learn about all of our farm animals. They will all have an opportunity to feed one animal of their choice. Following Timmy Town Zoo’s visit, each school has an opportunity to take a hayride to our pumpkin field where the students will have a quick lesson on the life cycle of a pumpkin and be able to spend time in the field picking their own pumpkin.


$8 Per Student

Includes: Hayride, Corn Maze, Corn Stalk Tunnel, Horse Bouncies, Tire Mountain, Pig Races, Tractor Pedal Carts, Corn box, Horse Swings, Rubber Duck Racing, and Timmy Town Zoo

$2 additional per student for a sugar pumpkin and an educational exploration through the life of a pumpkin.