Raspberry Picking


During the months of mid June to early August, you will find a wide variety of both Blueberries and Raspberries waiting for you at Happy Day Farm.  This year you will find 6 various types of Blueberries and 4 various types of Raspberries!

Please note that variety availability varies season to season and week to week. Maintenance of a healthy, productive Blueberry crop, is relative to the thoroughness in which each bush is harvested. Daily picking sites depend precisely on maturity of ripening berries. A berry that is ‘blue’ in color, is not necessarily ‘ripe’ or at it’s harvest peak. This is why you may pass several great looking, irresistible bushes on your way to the ‘picking site’. Just know we are bringing you to the ‘best berry today’. We hope you vary your visit times to sample all the delicious varieties! Enjoy!


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Happy Day Farm’s Variety of Berries


Variety of Blueberries on the Farm


Duke blueberry is an early-season variety and is extremely popular in the Mid-Atlantic region. It is high-yielding and hardy. The attractive fruit is medium to large, light blue, and slightly tart.  Berries maintain their uniform quality better than most other varieties.


Elliot blueberry plants are very productive and grow vigorously and upright. Elliott is considered the latest of all varieties, fruiting through September. This variety is winter hardy. Berries are medium-sized, firm and have a light-blue color. Fruit needs to be picked fully ripe for best taste.

Nova Raspberries

Released from the Nova Scotia, Canada, Breeding Program in 1981. This very winter hardy raspberry variety adapts to all climates and can be used as a summer bearer in the North or a fall bearer in the South. Nova is tolerant of heat and is an excellent choice for the upper midwest and northern regions, where high yields and dependability are required. Berries are firm, bright-red, medium to large in size, ripen gradually over a long harvest season, and have good shelf life.


This late-season blueberry variety is from the Michigan State breeding program. The bush will grow to an average of 6 feet. A very good yielder, Nelson produces medium-blue, large sized, firm berries. Fruit flavor is excellent.

Cowichan Raspberries

Cowichan red raspberry was released from the Pacific Agri-Food Research Centre in British Columbia in 2001. This vigorous, mid-season variety, with long-fruiting laterals has good fruit size and and is highly productive. It is resistant to Raspberry Bushy Dwarf Virus (RBDV). Tests at the Peninsular Ag Research Center, Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin, indicate it is winter hardy for that area and would be a good variety for many Wisconsin growers.


The leading commercial blueberry variety grown and is especially popular in New Jersey and Michigan. It produces high yields of large, bright blue berries that are firm and grow in large clusters. The berry flavor is superb, fresh or frozen. Bluecrop is known for its hardiness, vigor and consistent production.


Recently released by the N.Y. State Experiment Station, Geneva, N.Y., Prelude raspberry is identified as the earliest ripening summer red raspberry, ripening in mid-June under N.Y. conditions. Although Prelude is also fall-bearing, it produces the biggest portion of its crop in the spring. Very winter hardy and vigorous, Prelude berries are round-conic, have cohesive drupelets, and very good flavor.


Blueray is an early-midseason blueberry variety that ripens a few days before Bluecrop. The large, dark-blue berries, with sweet, high-quality flavor, make Blueray an excellent choice for the home gardener. The bush is vigorous, productive, and winter-hardy. Blueray is widely planted throughout the Northeast and Midwest.


Encore raspberry is a release from the Cornell Small Fruit Breeding Program in Geneva, NY; tested as NY 7. Encore is vigorous, sturdy, upright, nearly spineless and has excellent winter hardiness. Berries are large with very cohesive drupelets and good raspberry flavor.


Blueberry – Aurora, Vaccinium corymbosum ‘Aurora’, will provide large grapelike clusters of fresh and sweetly flavored blue berries in mid-August into September, extending the season well into the fall! Aurora blueberry is an easy to grow delicious berry that is great for edible landscaping. This rounded shrub will produce more berries if a different variety is nearby for cross-pollination, but is self-pollinating. Its shallow root system makes regular irrigation a necessity and mulching is beneficial to conserve moisture. Aurora is resistant to cracking and stores well. Blueberries do tend to overbear so thinning is needed to promote larger fruit. Popular for their fruit, compact size and brilliant fall colors of orange and red. The berries sweeten as they hang on the bush, so don’t pick too early!

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What Should I Wear?

Since you will encounter uneven terrain while at Happy Day Farm, we suggest you wear comfortable, closed, soled shoes. 

Please keep in mind that due to uneven terrain, we are not “WHEELCHAIR ACCESSIBLE”.

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